Modern Technology Making a positive impact in people's lives

Our Technology Ideals

Ship It!

The best way to tell if something makes a real difference is to measure it in the wild. In the absence of real data we're only dealing with assumptions. We prefer real data.

DevEx Matters

Top talent delivers. Investing in a developer experience that brings focus, flow, and joy to the day-to-day work of building products makes a positive business impact.

Modern Technology

We use modern tools and technology not because it is cool, but because it allows us to make a customer-impact quickly and effectively.

Proprietary Intellectual Property
We use cloud-native, open source tools. But we also have our proprietary secret sauce.


Social Loan Quotient (SLQ)

SLQ leverages alternative data sources (smartphone metadata, social media footprint, education, earnings and career history) to assess the creditworthiness of everyday consumers seeking access to affordable credit. It is a scalable, industry-first credit-led scoring system based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Goodness Measure (GM)

GM assesses the propensity to default at the loan level to accelerate the loan approval process. Our AI engine ensures we evaluate each applicant on the basis of a holistic set of attributes, as opposed to merely financial history, to give credit-worthy people - especially those who have so far been denied access to credit - a better chance of accessing capital.

Scalable, Modular Platform

At TSLC we are building a modular, scalable, global-ready
FinTech platform.

Traditional banking technology is expensive, slow, cumbersome, and frustrating to work with.

By using practices like continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) and an event-streaming architecture, combined with technologies like Kafka and Kubernetes, we can stay productive and respond to changes rapidly as we scale our business.

Leveraging Open Source

We use best-of-breed open source, cloud-native software where possible. We write less code and don't pay license fees, saving money for our partners and customers.

We write our own code where it makes a difference to our customers and grows our TSLC-owned intellectual property.

ML + Data = AI

Our systems are continusly learning from our years of
real-world transaction data.

We run computations on more than 40 billion datapoints to get loans into the hands of those who will use them well. It takes smart machine algorithms to identify credit-worthy individuals in ways traditional underwriting cannot match.


Each market we enter has unique regulatory requirements
and local banking networks.

We've designed our platform to be portable to all markets we enter by supporting multiple partner and bank integrations.

Our tech stack

We run a modern tech stack using open source, cloud-native software.